Classic Movie & Live Organ Music – 1898: Los Ultimos De Filipinas. December 28, 2019. 1:30pm.

Live Organ & A Movie: 1898: Los Ultimos de Filipinas (2016)
December 28, 2019 at 1:30pm

Join us for our Live Organ & A Movie series. Hosted by Matias Bombal and music played by Dave Moreno. This series combines live organ music, raffles, and a classic movie all rolled into one.

We begin with Dave Moreno playing the theater’s historic Robert Morton Organ with a selection of themed musical pieces. It is followed by our feature film 1898: Los Ulitomoas de Filipinas (2016). In 1898, Spain sends a military squad to the town of Baler, Philippines, to protect one of the last colonies of the Spanish Empire. The men are forced to seek refuge in the church run by Fray Carmelo, Baler’s priest. Turning the church into a military fort, the squad faces its newest enemy, malaria.

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