Sophocles’ Ajax – December 5 – 8, 2018. 7pm

December 5-8, 2018 at 7pm

When the mighty warrior Achilles has been killed the decision of who will receive his illustrious armor becomes open for debate. Greece’s mightiest warrior second only to Achilles, Ajax, is overlooked and disgraced when the armor is bestowed upon Odysseus causing Ajax to fall into a rage on the brink of madness In this rage, Ajax slaughters a filed of livestock and then takes his own life. Sophocles’ compelling work asked the audience to examine how we honor the soldiers who fight to protect us and how we as a society uphold that honor even when a warrior dishonors himself. Join us for a powerful performance starring veterans, community members and students as we explore the powerful themes of unity, honor, respect, and forgiveness in an unforgettable evening.

California Theatre
351 Railroad Ave
Old Town Pittsburg
Online Tickets
Contact carolyn august
Phone (925) 427-1611

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